Donderdag 22 december 2022 om 20.00 uur
Prof. dr. Gideon Reuveni - The Sussex Weidenfeld Institute of Jewish Studies, University of Sussex

Lezing in het Engels. Lezing in lokaal R.013, Rodestraat 14, 2000 Antwerpen. 
Deze lezing sluit de lezingenreeks van het eerste semester af en zal gevolgd worden door een receptie.

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This lecture seeks to offer a bird’s-eye overview of the ways in which the marketplace was imagined and experienced by Jews from the pre-emancipation to the post-Holocaust periods. Focusing primarily on Jews in Germany as they lived through the most dramatic transformations of the marketplace, from what was regarded as a progressive site of promise to a place of exclusion and persecution, this talk will demonstrate how, after the Holocaust, the marketplace further transformed into a site of healing and rehabilitation. Studying the transformation of the marketplace in the context of Jewish history thus provides fascinating insights into the ways by which Jews generated and reinforced notions of belonging, turning the marketplace into a significant site that re-defined the relations between Jews and other moderns.

Gideon Reuveni has published widely on diverse topics such as historiography, sports, reading culture, and Jewish economic history. His most recent book, Consumer Culture and the Making of Modern Jewish Identity (Cambridge University Press), won the 2018 National Jewish Book Award in Modern Jewish Thought and Experience. More recently he co-edited the volume The Future of the German-Jewish Past (Purdue University Press, 2021). He is currently finishing a book manuscript on the history of the 1952 German-Jewish reparations settlement.