The contact details and main research interests of all members of Public Administration & Management are listed below. On each member's personal page, you can find more information about their specific research interests, research projects, and academic bibliography.


Prof. dr. Ria Janvier 

Research interests: working conditions; public sector; labor unions; HR management;psychological contract; diversity management; workforce; administrative law

Prof. dr. Wouter Van Dooren 

Research interests: performance, performance management, performance measurement,collaboration complexity, accountability

Prof. dr. Koen Verhoest 

Research interests: organization and governance of public tasks, with a special focus onautonomy and control of agencies, regulation of liberalized markets, public private partnerships , coordination of wicked issues

Postdoctoral researchers

Boon Jan 

Research interests: bureaucratic reputation; mediatization of bureaucracy; public sector communication


De Wilde Inger 

Research interests: public administration; contractual and statutory employment; management and law; labour law and HRM; personnel management; industrial relations

Wynen Jan 


PhD reseachers, assistants, collaborators

Aerts Elisabeth 

Research interests: public sector; contractual and statutory employment; working conditions; industrial relations; administrative law; labour law; comparative law

Chesney Callens



De Roover Jolijn

Research interests: Local governance; local autonomy; public financial flows; policy coordination

Dorren Lars 

Research interests: decision making processes; infrastructure policy; norms and values in decision making processes

Gommers Babette 

Research interests: local government; institutional discrimination; public sector recruitment

Janssens Lieven 

Research interests: local government; local governance; organization and governance of local government; public service delivery; local policy

Kempeneer Shirley

Research interests: regulatory indicators ; science and technology studies (STS) ; interpretive research; knowledge production ; constructivism ; banking stress test

Kleizen Bjorn

Research interests: Public management; Organizational reform; Organizational psychology; EU external relations; EU law

Langbroek Tom 

Research interests: innovation; collaboration; coordination; metagovernance; network management

Palinckx Sarah 

Research interests: public sector; trade unions; collective bargaining; contractual and statutory employment

Thijs Nick


Vandergraesen Joachim 

Research interests: agile Government; adaptation; wicked policy problems; coordination

Van Wymeersch Jana

Research interests: performance budgeting; Government at a Glance in Flanders

Voluntary members

Aerts Sophie



Amin Nurul 

Research interests: regulatory governance


Gonzalez Camilo Ignacio 

Research interests: regulatory governance


Lievens Kim



Murwantara Raden 

Research interests: regulatory governance


Rys Sabine 



Stevens Vidar 



Previous collaborators

De Azevedo Domingues Antonio Sergio
De Caluwé Chiara
Delafortry Anita
Echelpoels Hans
Hoffmann Cornelia
Husain Syed Omer 
Liu Xuanhui
Molenveld Astrid 
Op De Beeck Liesbeth
Peeters Nele
Schram Frankie
Seale Wesley
Valkeneers Rob
van den Hurk Martijn 
Vanhoutte Lieselot
Van Praet Marc
Wauters Benedict
Willems Evelien
Willems Tom
Wolf Eva


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