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Sea spray influences water chemical composition of Mediterranean semi-natural springs
Fernandez-Martinez Marcos   Margalef O.   Sayol F.   Asensio D.   Bagaria G.   Corbera J.   Sabater F.   Domene X.   Preece C.  
Catena: an interdisciplinary journal of geomorphology, hydrology, pedology - ISSN 0341-8162-173 (2019) p. 414-423
Global trends in carbon sinks and their relationships with $CO_{2}$ and temperature
Fernandez-Martinez Marcos   Sardans J.   Chevallier F.   Ciais P.   Obersteiner M.   Vicca Sara   Canadell J.G.   Bastos A.   Friedlingstein P.   Sitch S.   Piao S.L.   Janssens Ivan   Peñuelas J.  
Nature climate change - ISSN 1758-678X-9:1 (2019) p. 73-79
Combining a land surface model with life cycle assessment for identifying the optimal management of short rotation coppice in Belgium
Njakou Djomo S.   De Groote Toon   Gobin A.   Ceulemans Reinhart   Janssens Ivan  
Biomass and bioenergy - ISSN 0961-9534-121 (2019) p. 78-88
The effects of local climate on the correlation between weather and seed production differ in two species with contrasting masting habit
Bogdziewicz Michał   Szymkowiak Jakub   Fernandez-Martinez Marcos   Peñuelas Josep   Espelta Josep M.  
Agricultural and forest meteorology - ISSN 0168-1923-268 (2019) p. 109-115
Mycorrhizal fungi show regular community compositions in natural ecosystems
Verbruggen Erik   Sheldrake Merlin   Bainard Luke D.   Chen Baodong   Ceulemans Tobias   De Gruyter Johan   Van Geel Maarten  
The ISME journal : multidisciplinary journal of microbial ecology - ISSN 1751-7362-12:2 (2018) p. 380-385

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