Tokyo's Art Scene in a Global Age

Middagseminarie maandag 28 mei 2018

Door dr. Christian Morgner (University of Leicester, UK)

12.30 u. tot 14.00 u.

UAntwerpen Stadscampus
Lokaal C.001

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According to Saskia Sassen, Tokyo is considered to be one of the main global economic cities in the world. However, this research does not pay attention to role of arts and culture and there is, to date, no research on contemporary Tokyo that looks into the conditions and structure of its urban artistic scene.

The aims of this presentation are two-fold:

  1.  to obtain an understanding how the concept of the global financial city and can applied to arts,
  2. to use the empirical data in order to develop an understanding of artistic practices and urban cultures that takes the role of space and architecture, cultural consumption and cultural freedom into account.

The main findings of this presentation will show that the artistic milieu of Tokyo can be described as being undercover, as socially and culturally hidden and inaccessible, which constrains the cross-over of practices and spaces, a lack of shaping cultural symbols, but also promotes low tolerance, which is a partial explanation why Tokyo is unable to join the league of global cultural capitals.


Over Christian Morgner

Christian Morgner doceert in cultuur en communicatie aan de University of Leicester. Hij is er directeur van de College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities en directeur internationale communicatie en cultuur van de School of Media and Communication.

Morgner voert onderzoek naar de globalisering van de kunsten, risicocommunicatie en culturele diversiteit en rampenpreventie in het Zuiden.

Hij had eerder onderzoeksposities en visiting fellowships aan de University of Cambridge, Yale University, Hitotsubashi University (Toyko), KU Leuven and the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris).

Christian Morgner