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Valita (2012)
Valita Technologies brings the next generation fall detecting systems on the market for elderly people.


ADx (2011)
ADx NeuroSciences legt zich toe op de ontwikkeling van nieuwe (bio)merkers voor de vroegtijdige diagnose en monitoring van dementie, zoals de ziekte van Alzheimer, Parkinson en andere neurodegeneratieve ziekten.


Multiplicom (2010)
Ontwikkelt innovatieve toepassingen, gebruik makend van PCR multiplexing technieken voor genoom analyse, moleculaire diagnose en “next-generation” sequentiebepalingen.



HistoGeneX (2001)
HistoGeneX N.V. is a biotech company involved in developing and validating novel tissue-based assays (both on the molecular as well as on the protein level) in the field of personalised medicine in oncology. These so-called 'pharmacodiagnostic assays' are evaluated in clinical trials with major biotech and pharma companies and are aimed to discriminate responders versus non-responders. Furthermore HistoGeneX has built up an IP portfolio around the optimalisation of the pre-analytical phase of these pharmacodiagnostic assays, ensuring optimal tissue processing before analysis. The colmpany currently employs around 50 FTE's, including 20 PPhD's.