Lecture Series Belgian Francqui Chair 2018-2019

Neon Gods of the Human Rights Legal Project

Lecture series by Dr Margot E. Salomon, laureate of the Belgian European Francqui Chair 2018-2019.

About Dr Margot E. Salomon

Dr Margot Salomon is Associate Professor in the Department of Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Director of the Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy at LSE Human Rights. Dr Salomon is an international lawyer working on issues of world poverty, global development and human rights with her legal scholarship informed by a range of disciplines including, international political economy, critical development studies, as well as heterodox international legal traditions. Dr Salomon has published and advised widely among others, for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN High-level Task Force on the Right to Development, and the President of the Greek Parliament. Her writing appears in the European Law Journal, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, and with Oxford University Press.

Dr Salomon’s lecture series is embedded in the Faculty of Law’s Master of Laws (LL.M) programme. The lecture and PhD seminars on 9 May 2019 are offered in collaboration with the Flemish Interuniversity Research Network on Law and Development.

The lecture series was kicked off by an inaugural lecture on Thursday 21 February 2019.

About the Francqui Foundation

About the Belgian Francqui Chair

Every year, the Francqui Foundation invites Belgian or European scientists to stay with Belgian universities, giving the opportunity to eminent researchers and scholars to teach a series of guest lectures at the host university and to participate in the scientific life of the institution.

Dr Margot E Salomon


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