Andrew Jamison - The making of green engineers

The Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences kindly invite you for an evening lecture on May 30th, 2013. Prof. dr. Andrew Jamison (Department of Development and Planning, Aalborg University, Denmark) will give an introductory lecture during which he will introduce us to  some of the major insights of his latest book. After the presentation, time for interaction with the public is foreseen.

About the speaker 

Andrew Jamison, born in California, graduated in History and Science from Harvard University and completed a PhD in Theory of science at the University of Göteborg in Sweden. He worked at and was affiliated with numerous universities including the University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University Center, Lund University, and University of Gothenburg. Today professor Jamison holds a professorship in Technology, Environment and Society at Aalborg University.

Andy Jamison (2013) The Making of Green Engineers. 
Sustainable Development and the Hybrid Imagination, Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

About the lecture

In  his new book entitled The Making of Green Engineers: Sustainable Development and the Hybrid ImaginationAndrew Jamison depicts, in line with his earlier work on the making of ‘green knowledge’, how the relations between engineering and development have changed significantly since the 1970s. 
At the macro level, there has been a shift with regard to the kind of development to which engineering is meant to contribute, from furthering economic growth to an approach to development that is ‘sustainable’. 
On a practitioner or micro level, there has been a change in the kinds of competence that engineers are expected to have in order to be able to contribute to sustainable development, due to the emergence of new fields of ‘technoscience’ blurring the boundaries between science, technology and society. 
At the institutional or meso level there have been significant changes in how engineering work and engineering education are organized.

Given the fact that the University of Antwerp offers interdisciplinary trainings in environmental sciences and conducts environmental research with societal relevance for many years now, Professor Jamison’s lecture should be of special interest.