Klaus Zimmermann - Changing Europe – Changing Migration: Europe in a World on the Move - 22 januari 2014

About the lecture

The rebalancing of global relations, due to the on-going economic crisis within the European Union (EU) and the emerging economies in Asia, Africa and Brazil, affects Europe’s position as an immigration region. Simultaneously, many European countries tend to increasingly manage and control migration. Moreover, prominent politicians in Germany, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands claim that the EU and European states did not succeed at all in meeting the challenges of migration. The multi-cultural project failed with the current crisis deteriorating further the social and economic situation of migrants and their descendants. Recent research demonstrates that migration aspirations from traditional emigration countries toward Europe are declining while first generation immigrants in Europe aspire to emigrate to their ancestral homelands. Also native youth as well as descendants of the first generation immigrants are becoming increasingly mobile within Europe or internationally towards U.S., Asia, Latin America and former emigration countries in search for study, careers, adventure or socio-emotional well-being.

In light of these developments the evening lecture will focus on how the economic crisis and its repercussions on many countries’ political stability affect mobility and integration patterns and the ways Europe and EU countries are responding the changing migration and integration challenges.

Professor Klaus Zimmermann (Bonn University and Free University of Berlin), professor Russell King (University of Sussex) and professor Peggy Levitt (Wellesley College and Harvard University), respectively the keynote speaker and the two discussants of the PSW lecture Changing Europe – Changing Migration: Europe in a World on the Move are the invited faculty of the IMISCOE 3CI PhD Conference ‘Changing Europe - Changing Migration': Europe in the World on the Move, 20th – 25th January 2014.

About the speaker(s)


Venue: Hof Van Liere, Prinsstraat 23, 2000 Antwerpen

Time: Wednesday January 22nd, 2014: 19.30-21.30 with reception


19.30-19.40 Introduction: Professor Christiane Timmerman (University of Antwerp, CeMIS)
19.40-20.25 Lecture: Professor Klaus Zimmermann (Bonn University and Free University of Berlin)
20.25-20.40: Discussant I: Professor Russell King (University of Sussex)
20.40-20.55: Discussant II: Professor Peggy Levitt (Wellesley College and Harvard University)
20.55-21.10: Discussions among presenters (Moderator: Christiane Timmerman)
21.10-21.30: Discussion with audience (Moderator: Christiane Timmerman)

Free attendance, but registration online is mandatory