Shaun Moores "Digital Orientations: 'Ways of the Hand' in Media Uses and Other Embodied Practices" (23 oktober 2013)

Op woensdag 23 oktober 2013 geeft prof. Shaun Moores (University of Sunderland, UK) een lezing in kader van de PSW Lectures getiteld “Digital Orientations: 'Ways of the Hand' in Media Uses and Other Embodied Practices”.

Over de spreker

Shaun Moores is Professor of Media and Communications at the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland, UK. He is the author of five books, including Media and Everyday Life in Modern Society (Edinburgh University Press, 2000), Media/Theory (Routledge, 2005) and Media, Place and Mobility (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). His articles have been published in numerous journals, including Media, Culture & Society, European Journal of Cultural Studies, European Journal of Communication, Time & Society, The Communication Review and Mobilities.

Over de lezing

This lecture is concerned with mobility in its meeting with media. However, the speaker's approach is an unconventional one. He offers some discussion of the uses of "mobile media", but also a consideration of practices that are apparently unrelated to media use - such as playing the piano and sawing a plank - and his main points of reference are well beyond the boundaries of media studies (in the disciplines of philosophy, sociology and anthropology). The lecture's focus is on a remarkable feature of everyday life that is rarely remarked upon - the habitual movement of human hands in practical, embodied and sensuous dealings with media and other routinely used equipment. Crucially, this involves deft, knowledgeable movements of the fingers or digits - for example, as they press keys or as they slide and tap on touch-pads and touch-screens - hence a play on the word "digital" in the title. It will be argued that the manual dexterities and corporeal understandings of media users are bound up with much broader matters of orientation and habitation - with knowing the "way to go" when moving and dwelling in various sorts of environment, including new (and not-so-new) media settings. In conclusion, the speaker asks if it might be possible to re-imagine the study of media uses as part of a larger interdisciplinary project, which Hubert Dreyfus has called a phenomenology of finding ways about in the world.


Woensdag 23 oktober 2013, 15u - 17u
Stadscampus, de Meerminne, aula M.004 (St-Jacobstraat 2, 2000 Antwerpen)

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