Bill Newton-Dunn "The UK and Europe: foes and/or friends?" - 9/03/2015

About the lecture

How likely is a UK exit from the European Union? Where do the continuous tensions between both sides come from? Why does the UK appear to lack solidarity with other member states? Would the UK really be better off ‘on its own’, and would the EU do better without the UK?

Relying on his experience in the European Parliament, former MEP Mr Bill Newton-Dunn will shed light on such questions, which ultimately relate to the strength of the EU: how much credibility does the EU still have on an international level if it cannot even stand strong on its own as a united whole?

About the speaker

After studying physics and chemistry Mr Bill Newton-Dunn worked in the British chemical industry and went into politics. He first joined the Conservative party because its leader, Ted Heath, was a strong pro-European who took the UK into the European Community. In 1979 he was elected in the European Parliament for the first time. Because of the increasing anti-European attitude of the Conservative Party in Britain, he made a switch and joined the Liberal Democrats in 2000.

He has decades of political experience, especially in the fields of crime prevention and human rights.  He has written political pamphlets, two biographies and one novel set in parliament. He is now in a new phase of his career, writing more books and since he is officially retired he is able to consider the political arena from a more detached point of view.


Title                 ‘The UK and Europe: foes and/or friends?’
Introduction    Ms An Verhulst (Universiteit Antwerpen)
Lecturer          Mr Bill Newton-Dunn
When              9 March 2015, 4-5 p.m.
Where            C 003, Prinsstraat 13, 2000 Antwerpen