Christopher Phillips - The Battle for Syria - 14/03/2016

About the lecture

March 2016 will mark five years since the outbreak of protests in Syria that eventually helped lead to a brutal civil war that shows no sign of ending. While today, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the US, Turkey and others are deeply involved in the conflict, the war is often depicted as a domestic struggle that sucked in international actors later on. However, this talk argues that regional and international factors were key components of the civil war from its very beginning. The transformation from domestic crisis into stalemated civil war was greatly influenced by the international and regional environment in which it took place. While domestic causes should not be marginalised, their impact cannot be understood without appreciating the changing international context, particularly the perceived decline of US power in the Middle East and regional reactions to it.

About the speaker

Christopher Phillips
is a Senior Lecturer at London University’s School of Politics and International Relations. He is currently working on the Syrian conflict and its impact on neighbouring states and the wider Middle East. He has been consulted regularly by various government agencies and NGOs, and has made numerous media appearances on outlets including BBC Newsnight, BBC News, Al-Jazeera, Sky News and Channel 4 News. He has also written a book on Everyday Arab identity and recently published an article on the Sectarian dimension of the Syrian conflict.




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