Jan Vermunt - Understanding the puzzling relation between student learning and teacher learning - 23/03/2016

Honorary doctor Prof. Jan Vermunt will give a masterclass open to a broader public, prior to the honorary degree ceremony on Wednesday the 23rd of March 2016. 

About the lecture

Research on students’ learning and teachers’ teaching and learning is currently organized in separate research communities, each having their own conceptual frameworks, methodological preferences, professional organizations, and scientific journals. Cross-referencing is an exception. In my view, traditional boundaries have to be crossed to achieve knowledge advancement about how teachers’ and students’ learning may benefit each other: boundaries between research communities, between communities of practice, and between research and practice. In the Masterclass, current models of the relation between teacher professional development and student learning are discussed. An important criticism on these models is that they are black box models, in which the processes of teacher learning and student learning are missing. As an alternative, a multi-layer model of teacher learning and student learning and their interrelationships is presented. Studies on both student learning and teacher professional learning that departed from this common learning theory are discussed. I will share our recent research on the impact of Lesson Study, a model of teacher professional development with a high focus on individual case pupils’ learning, dealing with diversity and adapting to students’ needs, on processes and outcomes of teacher learning.  Implications for future learning sciences that study teachers’ and students’ learning in a more interconnected way will be derived.

About the speaker

Jan Vermunt is a Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, and a Fellow of Wolfson College. He is an educational psychologist whose research interests have evolved from student learning and teacher learning as separate domains to include the way teacher learning and professional development affects processes and outcomes of student learning and vice versa.

In 1992 he received a PhD from Tilburg University with a thesis on student learning in higher education.  He moved to Leiden University in 1995, where he worked for six years, during two periods, as an associate professor at ICLON – Graduate School of Education. In this period his research focused on student teachers’ learning and experiential knowledge construction. From 1999 to 2002 he was a Professor of Educational Development and Research at Maastricht University, The Netherlands, at the Faculty of Health Sciences. He was visiting professor of Educational Innovation in higher education, University of Hasselt, Belgium, from 2002 to 2003. In these years his research focused on the power of teaching-learning methods to influence the quality of student learning.  From 2004 to 2012 he was professor of Teaching and Teacher Education at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Here, his research interests broadened to include experienced teachers’ professional learning processes and outcomes in the context of educational innovations. In 2012 Jan was elected Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge. Here he aims to bring together and take further the different research domains he has been studying so far. He is convinced that traditional boundaries have to be crossed to achieve knowledge advancement about how students’ and teachers’ learning may benefit each other.

Jan’s scientific work was published in journals such as Learning and Instruction, Educational Psychology Review, British Journal of Educational Psychology, Contemporary Educational Psychology, Learning and Individual Differences, Teaching and Teacher Education, and Higher Education.  Jan served as a member of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction EARLI from 2009-2013. He was Associate Editor of the British Journal of Educational Psychology and launching Co-Editor of the new EARLI-journal Frontline Learning Research. He serves on the Editorial Boards of Educational Research Review and Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training. With effect from 1 January 2014, Jan was elected Editor-in-Chief of Learning and Instruction, one of the leading journals in the world in the fields of Educational Research and Educational Psychology.

See also his professional homepage at: http://www.educ.cam.ac.uk/people/staff/vermunt/



Wednesday 23rd of March 2016
14:00 - 15:30 PM
Aula M.004 - de Meerminne - St-Jacobsstraat 2 2000 Antwerp

Participation is free, but online registration is mandatory (before 19/03/2016)