Joe Straubhaar - Netflix, Cosmopolitanism, Generation and Television Viewing in Latin America - 13/03/2017

About the lecture

Latin American television audiences have long stood out in the world for strongly supporting national or regional programming over imported US or European programs since the 1970s and even over cable TV with many foreign channels since the 1980s. In the 2000s, however, there was strong upward mobility in many Latin American countries, with increasing incomes to afford new kinds of television technologies and rising levels of education that may have increased cultural and linguistic capital in ways that led people to be more interested in television from outside Latin America. One question posed here is whether this tendency is even stronger among those who are younger and more cosmopolitan in their attitudes and worldview? Another is whether new technological platforms with new mixtures of national, regional and US material, like Netflix, may also be accelerating this trend?

About the speaker

Joe Straubhaar is the Amon G. Carter Sr., Centennial Professor of Communication in the Radio-Television-Film Dept. and Director of the Latino and Latin American Media Studies Program at the University of Texas at Austin. His current research concerns the globalisation of television and new media, the BRICs, television in Brazil and Latin America, the digital divide in Brazil and Texas. He is co-author of Television in Latin America (BFI, 2013), the author of World Television: From Global to Local (Sage Publications, 2007), and editor of Inequity in the Technopolis: Race, Class, Gender and the Digital Divide in Austin (University of Texas Press, 2011), and numerous journal articles and conference papers on these topics.



Monday 13 March 2017, 17:00 - 18:30, Aula M.003

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