Ian Mitchell - Unpacking and extending the knowledge of expert teachers. A 35 year journey - 23/10/2017

Dr Ian Mitchell, Monash University (Australia)

In 1982, Ian, as a secondary teacher began researching how to improve aspects of how his students were learning. Four years later, now part time in both school and university, he co-founded what was intended to be a two year teacher research project to explore if and how students could be taught to learn more metacognitively. This project began with 10 teachers and two academics. At the end of two years the teachers refused to let the project end and it began to spread to other schools. 30 years later the Project for Enhancing Effective Learning (PEEL) has involved many hundreds of teachers of all subjects, both primary and secondary in at least six countries. Ian has thus had the unique experience of collaborating with some very highly skilled teachers for very long periods of time more than 20 years in many cases. These teachers have developed extremely rich and sophisticated understandings of the nature of quality learning, how to stimulate and support this, the considerable complexities of student change, teacher research and teacher change. The core theme of this seminar is that the multifaceted and complex knowledge held and used by very skilled teachers is not well understood and that the insights that can emerge from long term teacher research are undervalued in the academic literature. Many Monash academics have participated in this work and Ian will use examples of how the understandings of this group have developed over the past 35 years.


date: Monday 23 October 2017, 15:00 - 17:00 'o clock

venue: aula D.127

Participation is free, but online registration is mandatory