Kari Karppinen - Reclaiming freedom of communication – for whom and from what? - 06/12/2018

About the lecture

What does it mean to promote freedom of communication, and its variants like free speech, media freedom and internet freedom, in the contemporary media environment? This talk will illustrate the struggles over the idea of freedom in contemporary media politics and activism. It will discuss examples of how free speech has been invoked or allegedly “weaponized” to advance different policy agendas, ranging from corporate interests to far-right politics. Finally, the talk will offer some fresh perspectives on how we can rescue freedom of communication from its parochial uses to serve as a critical concept that actually helps analyze the factors that expand or constrain people’s communicative opportunities.

About the speaker

Prof. Kari Karppinen (University of Helsinki) is interested in media and communication policy, media freedom and pluralism, theories of democracy and the public sphere, and questions about digital rights and internet governance. He has authored the book Rethinking Media Pluralism (Fordham University Press, 2013), and his work has also appeared in journals like the European Journal of Communication, Information, Communication & Society, Journalism Studies, The Information Society, Journal of Information Policy and First Monday. He has also worked as a visiting research fellow at the University of Sydney, Westminster University and Fordham University. website


06/12/2018, 16u - 18u

Aula M.005, de Meerminne, St-Jacobsstraat 2, 2000 Antwerpen

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