Matthijs Bogaards - Militant Consociational Democracy: The Political Exclusion of the Extreme-Right in Belgium - 11/10/2019

About the lecture

Consociational democracies seek to pacify societal divisions through political inclusion and power sharing. Militant democracies seek to neutralize threats to democracy and liberal values by excluding anti-system parties from power. As one is based on inclusion and the other on exclusion, militant consociational democracy would seem a contradiction in terms. However, Belgium presents just this perplexing combination of features. The same parties that work together across the country’s linguistic divisions in an elaborate consociational federation have systematically excluded the main Flemish and Francophone extreme-right parties. This paper is the first to examine the phenomenon of “militant consociational democracy”, tracing its historical roots and offering an explanation grounded in sociological institutionalism.

About the speaker

Matthijs Bogaards is a visiting professor in the Department of Political Science at the Central European University. He joined from Jacobs University Bremen, where he was full professor of Political Science. A graduate from Leiden University, the Netherlands, Matthijs has studied and worked abroad for the past twenty years, earning a PhD in Political Science from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

He has published widely on political parties and electoral systems in comparative perspective, on measuring democracy, and on the challenge of democracy in divided societies. His current research focuses on the causes of terrorism, the global process of de-democratization, and consociational forms of power sharing.

Practical information

Friday October 11th, 12:30 - 14:00
Aula R.014 (Rodestraat, Antwerp)

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