Productontwikkeling: een Design Factory in Antwerpen?

Lezing en debat met prof. Kalevi Ekman, Aalto Design Factory (Helsinki)

25 april 2019 - 19 uur
Universiteit Antwerpen - Stadscampus - Aula C.204

Lezing over interdisciplinaire co-creatie met Kalevi Ekman (Aalto Design Factory, Helsinki, Finland)

Professor Kalevi Ekman

Professor Kalevi Ekman is Professor of integrated product development and machine design at AALTO University. His research and education activities relate to integrated product development process, conceptual design phase, prototyping, and especially interdisciplinary co-creation between engineers, designers and business professionals.

Prof. Ekman is the Director and Founder of AALTO University Design Factory, an experimental co-creation platform for education, research and application of product design. In 2016, he received the World Award of Education to account for his international and productive humanistic approach to education as well as his visionary and inspiring ideas on the Design Factory concept as outstanding educational methodology (World Cultural Council’s Jose Vasconcelos).