Manage the data

Manage the data

21 November 2019 // 14 - 16.30 uur
Stadscampus Mutsaard - A.2.17
Ambtmanstraat 1

Most of us already encountered Research Data Management (RDM) and Data Management Plans (DMP) in our research activities. Still, many of us are unsure of how to deal with the issue. The topic, however, is quickly gaining in importance. Funders demand strategies on safe storage, ensuring privacy, yet also stress the importance of open access. Journals increasingly ask for supporting data. Open access data might also act as a research multiplicator. At the same time, within the context of the GDPR, many questions remain on what we actually are allowed to share. This seminar will provide you with practical guidance and tips and tricks on all your Research Data Management needs.


  • Research Data Management: What? Why? How? Who cares?
    ADOC (speaker to be confirmed)
    A lecture on the (non)sense of research data management and data management plans. In particular the talk will explain why it is necessary to think about RDM from the early stages of research onwards. It will also detail the facilities the University of Antwerp offers to its researchers.
  • RDM and the GDPR
    Koen Pepermans (Faculty Director Social Sciences and privacy expert)
    Koen Pepermans has been one of the most active members of the University of Antwerp on matters of privacy and research since the introduction of the GDPR. He will provide answers on what you have to, can and cannot do with your privacy sensitive data.
  • Researchers Design Sciences and their experiences
    Prof. Dr. Mario Rinke and Prof. Dr. Thomas Vanoutrive
    Thomas Vanoutrive will share his experiences of how he processes privacy sensitive data in his recent research.
    Mario Rinke will share an outside perspective, detailing how the ETH Zurich approaches RDM.