Ali Parsai


Publicaties in de kijker

Do null-type mutation operators help prevent null-type faults?
Parsai Ali   Demeyer Serge  
Lecture notes in computer science - ISSN 0302-9743-11376 (2019) p. 419-434
Mutation testing : from theory to practice
Parsai Ali  
Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Wetenschappen, Departement Wiskunde-Informatica, 2019,173 p.
C++11/14 mutation operators based on common fault patterns
Parsai Ali   Demeyer Serge   De Busser Busser  
Lecture notes in computer science - ISSN 0302-9743-11146 (2018) p. 102-118
Dynamic mutant subsumption analysis using LittleDarwin
Parsai Ali   Demeyer Serge  
Proceedings of the 8th ACM SIGSOFT International Workshop on Automated Software Testing, September 4-5, 2017, Paderborn, Germany-p. 1-4
LittleDarwin : a feature-rich and extensible mutation testing framework for large and complex Java systems
Parsai Ali   Murgia Alessandro   Demeyer Serge  
Lecture notes in computer science - ISSN 0302-9743-10522 (2017) p. 148-163

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