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I am a research and teaching assistant, and PhD student at the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB), University of Antwerp.  I hold a Master of Anthropology and a Master of International Business Economics and Management. My research focuses on environmental governance and politics and, in particular, on new financing mechanisms for forest conservation in developing countries (REDD+, Payments for Environmental Services and other market-based instruments).  

From a relational perspective on scale and economic landscape, my PhD research analyses the value transformation of ‘the environment’ under the Reduced Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) framework and how it enacts, is informed and contested in interaction with hybrid socio-economic-ecological configurations. Empirically, I look at three case studies in the hinterland of Kisangani in DR Congo, using a mixed methods approach that combines discourse analysis, qualitative methods and behavioral simulation games. Theoretically, my research integrates insights from economic anthropology, critical economic geography, political ecology and socio-ecological economics. 

As academic assistant, I currently teach classes in Participatory Research Methods and Governance of Natural Resources. Previous years, I gave lectures in Governance for Development and in Epistemology. Before coming to the IOB, I worked for almost four years as a research analyst/consultant in intercultural management at ICM Associates in Paris (France) where I designed and led numerous cultural audits and opinion surveys for international private and public organisations. 

Key Publications

Windey, C., & Van Hecken, G. (2019). Contested mappings in a dynamic space : emerging socio-spatial relationships in the context of REDD+: a case from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Landscape Research [Online first]. 

Van Hecken, G., Kolinjivadi, V., Windey, C., McElwee, P., Shapiro-Garza, E., Huybrechs, F., & Bastiaensen, J. (2018). Silencing Agency in Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) by Essentializing a Neoliberal ‘Monster’ Into Being: A Response to Fletcher & Büscher's ‘PES Conceit’. Ecological Economics 144: 314-318. doi:

Van Hecken, G., Bastiaensen, J. and Windey, C. (2015). Towards a power-sensitive and socially informed analysis of Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): Addressing the gaps in the current debate. Ecological Economics 120: 117-125.

Van Hecken, G., Bastiaensen, J. and Windey, C. (2015). The frontiers of the debate on payments for ecosystem services : a proposal for innovative future research, IOB Discussion paper, 2015-05, 53p. 

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