Dries Sels

Postdoctoraal Onderzoeker FWO

Publicaties in de kijker

Minimizing irreversible losses in quantum systems by local counterdiabatic driving
Sels Dries   Polkovnikov Anatoli  
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - ISSN 0027-8424-114:20 (2017) p. E3909-E3916
Semiclassical approach to dynamics of interacting fermions
Davidson Shainen M.   Sels Dries   Polkovnikov Anatoli  
Annals of physics - ISSN 0003-4916-384 (2017) p. 128-141
Geometry and non-adiabatic response in quantum and classical systems
Kolodrubetz Michael   Sels Dries   Mehta Pankaj   Polkovnikov Anatoli  
Physics reports - ISSN 0370-1573-697 (2017) p. 1-87
Thermalization in small quantum systems
Polkovnikov Anatoli   Sels Dries  
Science - ISSN 0036-8075-353:6301 (2016) p. 752-753
Stationary ensemble approximations of dynamic quantum states : optimizing the generalized Gibbs ensemble
Sels Dries   Wouters Michiel  
Physical review : E : statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics - ISSN 1539-3755-92:2 (2015)

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