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Eleni Moschouli (°1989) graduated as an Economist from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Faculty of Economic and Political Sciences), with the 2nd highest grade out of 102 students at her Ptychio graduation day and in total she graduated 16th out of 416 students, thus being in the top 4% of the students. Regarding her Master degree graduation, she graduated with the highest grade in her specialisation in “Economics and Regional Development” (Grade: 9.33/10, Excellent). She received two scholarships during her undergraduate studies for achieving the highest average grade in two academic years (State Scholarship Foundation-IKY) and she also received two scholarships so as to do her master, from the State Scholarship Foundation-IKY and the George and Victoria Karelias Foundation. She is currently an academic researcher and PhD student at the University of Antwerp (Department of Transport and Regional Economics). Her PhD research deals with the identification of factors affecting performance of transport infrastructure projects, applying methods such as fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis.Her main scientific interest is economic appraisal and planning of transport infrastructure projects.

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