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Dr. Eline Van Poucke is associate member at the Department of Management and lecturer at Antwerp Management School where she teaches Strategic Procurement in the Master of Global Supply Chain Management since 2016. She is active as a procurement consultant in the private sector, combining projects in both public and private companies. 

She was academic researcher and teaching assistant at the Department of Management (Faculty of Applied Economics) between 2011 and 2016. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in February 2016 with a doctoral dissertation in Purchasing & Supply Management (title: Climbing the stairs of purchasing maturity: Essays on purchasing development, internal service quality and sourcing outcomes). Two of her doctoral studies have been published in ISI-ranked journals (Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management; Industrial Marketing Management). 

She was also lecturer of the course Strategic Management - Business economics in the inter-university Master after Master program Industrial Pharmacy in 2016.

Before she started working at the Faculty, she studied Business Engineering, MSc. (Handelsingenieur, 2006-2011) at the University of Antwerp.






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