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I am an environmental scientist with a background in chemistry and ecotoxicology. My broad research interests focus on the application of chemical and ecotoxicological methods for the assessment of the risk posed by metal and organic contaminants to aquatic ecosystems. Currently, my work focuses on the development of broad multi-contaminant passive sampling approaches for enviromental monitoring and risk assessment. In my previous research, I have tested the performance of an in-situ passive sampling technique (diffusive gradients in thin films) for predicting metal bioavailability and toxicity in sediments. Previous projects also included the synthesis and characterisation of biomimetically functionalised silver nanoparticles and on the characterization of the interaction of these nanomaterials with biological systems (bacteria).


•    Sediment quality assessment
•    Development of in-situ tools for assessing metal bioavailability in sediments
•    Toxicity and bioaccumulation of metal contaminants in aquatic invertebrates
•    Review and development of sediment quality guidelines
•    Metal speciation and bioavailability in aquatic ecosystems
•    Water quality assessment
•    Passive sampling techniques for measuring metal and organic contaminants in water
•    Synthesis and characterisation of nanoparticles


PhD (2015) - Environmental Science - University of Wollongong (Australia)

Master (2010) - Nanoscience and nanotechnology - University of Pavia (Italy)

Bachelor (2007) - Chemistry - University of Pavia (Italy)

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