Genserik Reniers



The Antwerp Research Group on Safety and Security (ARGoSS) results from multi-disciplinary research activities at the University of Antwerp concerning safety and security topics.

ARGoSS was established begin 2006 to streamline collaboration and to exchange research interests and -ideas and research achievements within the Antwerp University concerning safety and security studies related to the chemical industry. Since the ever expanding port of Antwerp (Europe, Belgium) area being the largest petrochemicals centre in Europe, and the second largest chemical cluster worldwide , chemical-related safety and security research is of major and increasing importance at the university.

ARGoSS can be regarded as a Belgian centre of excellence as regards safety and security expertise in general and within the chemical industrial sector in particular.

ARGoSS recognizes the socio-economic importance of sustainability in today's society and strives to integrate and to continuously ameliorate the sustainability of public and private instances from a safety and security perspective.

ARGoSS comprises different research areas, i.e., socio-economic Safety & Security (S&S) research, decision support S&S research, supply chain and logistics S&S research, regulatory S&S research and sustainability research. Please click on the 'ARGoSS Research Domains' tag to visit the research area of your interest.