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Hosam Almalehy  is a doctorate PhD researcher and teaching assistant since 2019 in the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Applied Engineering) within Road Engineering Research Section of EMIB (Research group Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings) (research group EMIB) under supervising of Prof. Wim Van den bergh & Prof. Cedric Vuye.

In 2009, I finished my Bachelor study in Civil Engineering from Palestine. Then, I accomplished M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering in Palestine through full scholarship from ISDB Bank. I’ve a master’s in civil & infrastructure Engineering with a main focus on asphalt pavements and highway engineering.

Also, I have received many awards during my bachelor and master degrees in the form of scholarships and letters of appreciation due to my outstanding academic record.

With respect to my experiences, academically I worked as lecturer for undergraduates students in the University of Palestine ant the civil engineering department in the period from (2016 to 2018).

   Moreover, I worked as a researcher (research fellow) at the Projects and Researches Centre within the Faculty of Engineering at Islamic University in Gaza form 2014 for 3 years. During this period, l was a team leader for a research group publishing scientific papers at the related scientific conferences and journals.

 On the other hand, I have distinguished leadership and managerial attributes. For about 4 years I had been working as an Engineering Manager for the Engineering Department at the (Palestinian Crossings Authority) where I have managed teams working on infrastructure projects, roads paving and rehabilitation projects with a total budget exceeding $3.0 million. This temporary opportunity has substantially improved my leadership qualities.

The doctoral research is entitled:

“Durability optimization of low noise asphalt pavement using innovative modifiers in the asphalt mix”


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