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Treatment of central sensitization in patients with rheumatoid arthritis : a narrative overview
Meert Lotte   Smeets R.J.E.M.   Baert Isabel   Mertens Michel   Boonen A.   Meeus Mira  
Current treatment options in rheumatology - ISSN 2198-6002-5 (2019) p. 179-189
Preoperative pain neuroscience education combined with knee joint mobilization for knee osteoarthritis : a randomized controlled trial
Lluch Enrique   Dueñas Lirios   Falla Deborah   Baert Isabel   Meeus Mira   Sáchez-Frutos Jose   Nijs Jo  
The clinical journal of pain - ISSN 0749-8047-34:1 (2018) p. 44-52
Clinical descriptors for the recognition of central sensitization pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis
Lluch Enrique   Nijs Jo   Courtney Carol A.   Rebbeck Trudy   Wylde Vikki   Baert Isabel   Wideman Timothy H.   Howells Nick   Skou Soren T.  
Disability and rehabilitation - ISSN 0963-8288-40:23 (2018) p. 2836-2845
Inter- and intrarater reliability of two proprioception tests using clinical applicable measurement tools in subjects with and without knee osteoarthritis
Baert Isabel   Lluch Enrique   Struyf Thomas   Peeters Greta   Van Oosterwijck Sophie   Tuynman Joanna   Rufai Salim   Struyf Filip  
Musculoskeletal science & practice - ISSN 2468-7812-35 (2018) p. 105-109
Intra- and interrater reliability of the lumbar-locked thoracic rotation test in competitive swimmers ages 10 through 18 years
Feijen Stef   Kuppens Kevin   Tate Angela   Baert Isabel   Struyf Thomas   Struyf Filip  
Physical therapy in sport - ISSN 1466-853X-32 (2018) p. 140-144

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