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  • MA Sc in Biology (2003) with a PhD in Educational Sciences (2011) 
  • Trained as a nature and wildlife guide, and experienced as science exhibition developer, educator and communicator (2003-2007) 
  • Postdoc at at University of Antwerp (research unit Edubron) and Univesity of Karlstad (research unit SMEER
  • Partner in the STEM@School SBO project with KULeuven (2013-2017)
  • Partner in the SEED project at the University of Helsinki (2013-)
  • Daily coordinator of the VALIES project (2017-2021)

° Associate Editor for Environment, Sustainability and Development (ENVI), education section

Some of my research interests are:
- educational effectiveness
- environmental education & education for sustainable development
- conservation psychology
- psychometrics of environmentalism
- STEM education & socioscientific issues
- place-based education & informal education
- traffic education (safety & sustainability)
- didactics of the natural sciences
- diversity, cross-cultural psychology and interculturality

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