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Asymmetric dyes align inside carbon nanotubes to yield a large nonlinear optical response
Cambré Sofie   Campo Jochen   Beirnaert Charlie   Verlackt Christof   Cool Pegie   Wenseleers Wim  
Nature nanotechnology - ISSN 1748-3387-10:3 (2015) p. 248-252
Practical model for first hyperpolarizability dispersion accounting for both homogeneous and inhomogeneous broadening effects
Campo Jochen   Wenseleers Wim   Hales Joel M.   Makarov Nikolay S.   Perry Joseph W.  
The journal of physical chemistry letters - ISSN 1948-7185-3:16 (2012) p. 2248-2252
First hyperpolarizability dispersion of the octupolar molecule crystal violet : multiple resonances and vibrational and solvation effects
Campo Jochen   Painelli Anna   Terenziani Francesca   van Regemorter Tanguy   Beljonne David   Goovaerts Etienne   Wenseleers Wim  
Journal of the American Chemical Society - ISSN 0002-7863-132:46 (2010) p. 16467-16478
Highly sensitive setup for tunable wavelength hyper-Rayleigh scattering with parallel detection and calibration data for various solvents
Campo Jochen   Desmet Filip   Wenseleers Wim   Goovaerts Etienne  
Optics express - ISSN 1094-4087-17:6 (2009) p. 4587-4604
Accurate determination and modeling of the dispersion of the first hyperpolarizability of an efficient zwitterionic nonlinear optical chromophore by tunable wavelength hyper-Rayleigh scattering
Campo Jochen   Wenseleers Wim   Goovaerts Etienne   Szablewski Marek   Cross Graham H.  
The journal of physical chemistry : C : nanomaterials and interfaces - ISSN 1932-7447-112 (2008) p. 287-296

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