I’m working at the Systemic Physiological and Ecotoxicological Research group (SPHERE), since 2013. My research focusses on contamination of aquatic ecosystems and is often related to policy advice and in close cooperation with regulators. Most projects I worked on are interdisciplinary combining ecotoxicology, regulation, ecology and technology, e.g.: (1) making a risk assessment model for the port of Antwerp, (2) experimental research on a remediation technique for TBT, (3) the impact of SOx scrubbers installed on seagoing vessels on the water quality, (4) ecotoxicology of sulfate for aquatic organisms, (5) impact of sediment resuspension caused by shipping and dredging on contaminant release, (6) biomonitoring of metals during a remediation project, (7) the risks of using metal slag in river embankments (8) effects of glyphosate and Chinese mitten crabs on macrophytes.

In 2001 I finished my bachelor Industrial Design in Antwerp. After 1 year travelling around by bike I started my Biology studies at the University of Antwerp and finished with greatest distinction in 2006. Granted by FWO, I immediately started a PhD at the UA, in the Environmental Management Research Group of Patrick Meire on trace metal behaviour in sediments and plants in the Scheldt estuary. With a focus on processes in natural and controlled intertidal areas. During my PhD there was already a close cooperation with the research group SPHERE (Ronny Blust), especially for the analytical and experimental part. I defended my PhD thesis in 2012. We took another year break to cycle around and in 2013 I started working as a postdoc at SPHERE combining research projects and teaching.