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I studied History (MA 2012) and Public Management (MSc 2013) at Ghent University. In 2018, I successfully defended my PhD dissertation at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Antwerp. I have researched gender-quota implementation in academic decision-making bodies and concluded that gender quota can work directly, indirectly, and through various practices for gender equal representation in academic decision-making and gender equality in academia more generally. Using a mixed-methods approach, I studied in more detail what university actors think about gender quota as a gender equality policy measure; what university actors do when implementing gender quota; and how gender-quota implementation affects gender equality in academic decision-making.

Furthermore, I gained experience as policy researcher and advisor in the European FP7-project EGERA (2014-2017). Within the project we focused on building gender friendly work environments, which covers a broad range of issues such as (resistance to) work-life reconciliation measures, gender equality culture, gender-sensitive communication, and sexual harassment & violence. Find out more at

As I focus mainly on gender equality in higher education, my research interests span across gender studies, science studies, organization studies, and political science.

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