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Cyber dating abuse : investigating digital monitoring behaviors among adolescents from a social learning perspective
Van Ouytsel Joris   Ponnet Koen   Walrave Michel  
Journal of interpersonal violence - ISSN 0886-2605-35:23-24 (2020) p. 5157-5178
Parents' concerns over internet use, their engagement in interaction restrictions, and adolescents' behavior on social networking sites
Symons Katrien   Vanwesenbeeck Ini   Walrave Michel   Van Ouytsel Joris   Ponnet Koen  
Youth and society - ISSN 0044-118X-52:8 (2020) p. 1569-1581
Parent-child communication about internet use and acceptance of parental authority
Symons Katrien   Ponnet Koen   Vanwesenbeeck Ini   Walrave Michel   Van Ouytsel Joris  
Journal of broadcasting & electronic media - ISSN 0883-8151-64:1p. 1-19
A decade of sexting research : are we any wiser?
Van Ouytsel Joris  
JAMA pediatrics - ISSN 2168-6203-174:2 (2020) p. 204-204
An exploratory study of transactional sexting among high school students
Van Ouytsel Joris   Walrave Michel   Ponnet Koen  
Journal of adolescent health - ISSN 1054-139X-66:4 (2020) p. 510-513

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