Kris Van De Poel

Research focus

Applied Language Studies

Research at Applied Language Studies (ALS) revolves around language-discordant academic and professional contexts.  More in particular, the ALS affiliates study the processes and outcomes of second/foreign language learning for academic and professional purposes.

Currently, the following topics are studied:

  • language awareness raising in teaching and learning,
  • learning and learner variables (e.g. self-efficacy, attitudes, perceptions, metacognitive knowledge and skills, acculturation),
  • academic literacy (writing and reading),
  • professional communication (i.e. health care communication), ...

The ALS’ study domains are situated in the heart of the nexus of teaching and research and contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning. ALS’ major research goals are (i) to gain insights in the field of academic and professional language learning and teaching as experienced by adult and highly qualified language users, (ii) to identify principles that underlie academic and professional language learning and (iii) to support the field through systematic curriculum and syllabus design for blended, online and mobile learning.