Lieuwe Kalkhoven


Publicaties in de kijker

Politics, it has never been so simple : complex versus simplistic rhetoric and the use of hyperbole in political decision-making in the Netherlands
Kalkhoven Lieuwe   De Landtsheer Christ'l  
Complex political decision-making : leadership, legitimacy and communication / Bursens, Peter [edit.]; e.a.-p. 183-201
How to make politics... bigger, better & simpler : the analysis of metaphor, hyperbole and symplification in the (populist) rhetoric of politicians in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) in the 21st century
Kalkhoven Lieuwe  
Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen. Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen. Departement Communicatiewetenschappen. Politieke Communicatie, 2016,272 p.
A piece of trash of the worst cabinet ever : the rhetorical use of exaggeration by the Dutch populist party for freedom'
Kalkhoven Lieuwe  
Politics, culture & socialization - ISSN 1866-3427-6:1/2 (2015) p. 51-70
Ten years of virtual dynamite : assessing the symbolic power of terrorist organizations on the internet, (2005-2015)
De Landtsheer Christ'l   Kalkhoven Lieuwe   Brys Maura   Farnen Russell    
Nato Centre of Excellence- Defence Against Terrorism, Course : Terrorism and Media (COE DAT-15/15), December 7-11, 2015, Ankara, Turkey-p. 1-99
Talking politics at the dinner table : ethnological stereotypes in children's political choices
De Landtsheer Christ'l   Kalkhoven Lieuwe   Heirman Wannes  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, 2015,20 p.

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