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Lynn Anthonissen is a doctoral researcher on the Mind-bending grammars project, which brings together insights from historical, socio-, cognitive and computational linguistics to study syntactic change in the mental grammars of individuals. Embedded in this larger research programme, her work zooms in on the case study of special passive constructions.

Lynn Anthonissen holds a master's degree in English and German Linguistics and Literature (2012) and a teaching degree (2013) from the University of Antwerp. In 2010/2011 she studied at the Free University of Berlin. Before embarking on her PhD research, she lectured at HUB-KAHO university college, worked as a language trainer for international companies, and was a research assistant at the Antwerp School of Education (UAntwerp). Between 2014-2015 she was involved in a research project on modal constructions in German (UAntwerp). The project included a research stay at the Hermann Paul School of Linguistics (University of Freiburg). Lynn Anthonissen is currently pursuing a joint PhD in Linguistics at the University of Antwerp and the University of Munich (LMU).


The EMMA corpus, release 1.0, by Peter Petré, Lynn Anthonissen, Sara Budts, Enrique Manjavacas, William Standing, Emma-Louise Silva, and Odile A.O. Strik, is now available for download.

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