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Simple, fast & quantitative LC-MS/MS for therapeutic drug monitoring & forensic analysis

During the past decades, continuous improvements in chromatographic separation as well as in mass spectrometric resolution have positively contributed to the range (and detection limit) of compounds tested for by analytical laboratories. Unfortunately such highly advanced instrumentation comes with high purchase and maintenance costs. Combined with the significant post-analysis time required to accurately interpret the vast amount of data generated, the use of these techniques is often restricted to a limited number of (research) laboratories.

In this PhD project we aim to set up quantitative analytical methods for forensic analyses and therapeutic drug monitoring, with a focus on 3 major classes of compounds: antidepressants, antipsychotics and benzodiazepines/Z-drugs. With an eye on their wide-spread use these multi-analyte methods are developed to incorporate a simple sample preparation, short run and data analysis times, and the readily available triple quadrupole instrumentation. Their validity will be tested against proficiency tests and routine samples of the Toxicological Centre, ultimately replacing the methods currently in place. Additionally their added value compared to general untargeted screening techniques will be tested. In a last phase the methods will be applied to therapeutic drug monitoring of delirium patients in an intensive care setting.

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