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Terranova, a popular stone imitation cladding : strategies and techniques for restoration
Govaerts Yves   Verdonck Ann   Meulebroeck Wendy   de Bouw Michael  
Historic mortars : advances in research and practical conservation / Hughes, John J. [edit.]
Performance of a lime-based insulating render for heritage buildings
Govaerts Yves   Hayen Roald   de Bouw Michael   Verdonck Ann   Meulebroeck Wendy   Mertens Stijn   Gregoire Yves  
Construction and building materials - ISSN 0950-0618-159 (2018) p. 376-389
Are electrokinetic methods suitable for the treatment of rising damp?
Vanhellemont Yves   Bolhuis Jan   de Bouw Michael   Dubois Samuel   Lubelli Barbara   Miedema Linda   van Hees Rob  
Journal of cultural heritage - ISSN 1296-2074-31 (2018) p. S23-S29
de Bouw Michael   Dubois S.   Vanhellemont Y.  
Journal of architectural conservation : historic buildings, places and landscapes - ISSN 1355-6207-24:1 (2018) p. 1-2
Energy efficiency and the comfort of historic buildings
de Bouw Michael   Dubois S.   Vanhellemont Y.  
2018,61 p.

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