Michele Giugliano

Hoogleraar (Research Mandate)

The Lab of Theoretical Neurobiology and Neuroengineering

I acknowledge the constant hard work, commitment, dedication, and creativity of all the members of the laboratory of Theoretical Neurobiology and Neuroengineering, I have the privilege to direct, located in the biomedical Campus Drie Eiken of our university.

Internship, Theses, Monographic & PhD Projects

To the attention of UAntwerp students, a number of monographic projects and theses are available in the laboratory, throughout each academic year. These are aimed at students of Biomedical Sciences, Physics, and Computer Sciences curricula, and cover topics of cellular electrophysiology, neurobiology, biophysics, theoretical and computational modelling and simulation, image processing, neuroinformatics, data-bases, robotics, analog-digital acquisition and real-time operating system. 

Interested students are welcomed to get in touch for an appointment, to know more about our activities and about how they could contribute to it before, within, or beyond a master thesis project.

We are always searching for talented, curios, and passionate PhD students to train, as well as for creative thinkers and independent-minded postdoctoral researchers to collaborate with. In case of mutual interest, we help in preparing grant applications to national and international funding agencies such as FWOIWTBAEFBELSPOJSPSHFSPOBoehringer IngelheimEC, and other sources. Students from Brazil may benefit from the Science Without Borders program, with application deadlines at the end of January, May and September. Students from China might monitor the calls from the China Scholarship Council.

In particular, potential postdoctoral scientists may wish to consider applying for support from Marie Curie Actions (deadline in August), HFSP (deadline in August), EMBO (deadlines in mid-February and mid-August).



Teaching and Online Classes Availability

During the winter semester, I teach an interdisciplinary course on "Computational Neuroscience" (watch this!), offered to the students of three (master) curricula: Biomedical Sciences, Physics, and Computer Sciences. During the spring semester, I contribute to the course "System Neuroscience", with few targeted lectures, offered to the master students of Biomedical Sciences. I co-organize the State-of-the-Art Lectures in Biomedicine and occasionally contributed to the (bachelor) practical course "Bachelor Thesis" 

During the academic year 2012/2013, "Computational Neuroscience" have been video-taped, through the generous financial support from the European Commission (FP7-PEOPLE) by means of the Marie-Curie Initial Training Network NAMASEN


Previous years copy of the handouts (both as a B/W or a color booklet) are available to UAntwerp students at the "Reprografie & Cursusdienst" of the campus at printing costs, while the course Syllabus is available online for download.

During each academic year, videotaping of my classes is organized (pending availability) by UAntwerp and made it available online via streaming on UAntwerp media site.

As content and pace of the course change from year to year, in no way attendance to the classes can be replaced by watching online the lectures. 


A final comment on active learning and note-taking during classes: the information provided to students during lectures contains the central concepts of the course(s). These concepts, as well as additional information from the suggested readings, will be required during the exam(s). In the last few years in Antwerp as well as in Lausanne, with few exceptions, I often witnessed that students do not realize how important is to take notes, to actively listen, or to ask questions during classes. I warmly encourage students to acquire and practice these essential skills (see for instance here), unless they master them already from secondary school.