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Nino van de Wal ( is a PhD researcher at excellence research center ACED.
He received a Master's degree (Cum laude) in Organization Studies from Tilburg University. Nino also studied at Bocconi University to specialize in Strategic Management and the Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology.

Nino’s research interests center around how firms organize for corporate innovation and entrepreneurial success. In his ongoing work, he specifically focuses on the processes underlying strategic leadership, managerial practices, firm-level decisions and technological innovation. He adopts a distinctive micro-analytic approach to this topic, by observing executive and inventor characteristics and using those micro-level observations to explain a firms’ search activities and innovation outcomes.
One of the key insights is that boosting firms’ innovation performance and future competitive advantage depends on conscious design of a firm’s executive team and its organizational context. This sheds a new light on how to build an innovative organization that nurtures corporate entrepreneurship, creates breakthrough innovations and thereby sustains its future competitive advantage. In future research, Nino will highlight other strategic and organizational factors and the leading practices of high-performing innovators.

Nino is co-founder of and advises firms in organizing for innovation and entrepreneurship. Nino shares his passion and insights for strategy and innovation through consulting, speaking, coaching and writing in academic and business environments.

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