Pierre Van Mechelen

Gewoon Hoogleraar

Short CV

Prof. Dr. Pierre Van Mechelen - Curriculum Vitae

Personal details

Contact address: Universiteit Antwerpen, Groenenborgerlaan 171, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgium
E-mail: Pierre.VanMechelen@uantwerpen.be   
URL: http://www.uantwerpen.be/pierre-vanmechelen
Date of birth: 12 September 1970            
Nationality: Belgian


Master of Physics, Universiteit Antwerpen, July 1992 (with greatest honours)
Ph.D. in Physics, Universiteit Antwerpen, May 1998 (with greatest honours)

Past employment

Researcher at the Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen (6/7/1992 - 30/9/1998)
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Flemish Research Foundation (1/10/1998-30/9/2004)
Postdoctoral Researcher at the Universiteit Antwerpen (1/10/2004-31/12/2005)
Research Professor (lecturer) at the Universiteit Antwerpen (ZAPBOF Docent, i.e. a tenured staff position with limited teaching duties, 1/1/2006-31/12/2011)
Research Professor (senior lecturer) at University of Antwerp (ZAPBOF Hoofddocent, a tenured staff position with limited teaching duties, 1/1/2012-31/12/2015)

Present occupation

Professor at University of Antwrep (ZAP Hoogleraar)
Head of the Particle Physics group (~20  people) of the University of Antwerp (from 1/10/2010)

Research interests

My main research interest lies in the experimental study of the strong interaction and the interpretation of the obtained results with phenomenological models.  At the HERA collider, I studied the hadronic final state in diffractive and non-diffractive deep inelastic scattering with the H1 detector. I led the feasibility and design study of a forward proton spectrometer detector for the H1 experiment.  As working group leader, I was part of the groundbreaking study of hard diffraction in electron-proton scattering.  After the closure of HERA in 2007, I joined the CMS experiment at the LHC where I was leader of the Forward and Small-x QCD working group in 2011 and 2012.  I took a leading role in de development, construction and exploitation of the CMS-CASTOR forward calorimeter and I am currently co-chairing the CMS Publication Committee.  My most recent activities in CMS concern the study of the underlying event and multi-parton interactions from soft to hard proton-proton collisions, and of particle jets produced at high rapidity.

Scientific activities

1992-2007: Study of electron-proton collisions with the H1 detector at the HERA collider (DESY /Hamburg). 

  • Convener of the H1 Physics Working Group "Diffractive Phenomena" (1998-2000) (for a description of the responsibilities as convener, see below)
  • Coordinator of the H1 software package for Physics Analysis (H1PHAN) 
  • H1 Internal Referee and Run Coordinator on several occasions

2006-present day: Study of proton-proton collisions with the CMS detector at the LHC (CERN/Geneva)

  • Convener of the CMS Forward and Small-x QCD Physics Analysis Group (2011-2012): As convener of this group I coordinated the CMS analyses related to forward and small-x QCD physics.  I set priorities and advised newcomers on which subjects should be studied.  I coached the analysis of data up to the preparation of published papers.  Conveners decide which results can be submitted to the independent Analysis Review Committees within the CMS collaboration.  Conveners are also member of the Physics Coordination Group which decides on priorities for data taking (triggering and online selection), the development of software tools, the production of Monte Carlo data and the general workflow for physics analysis.
  • Analysis Review Committee member and Detector Review Committee member on several occasions
  • Member of the Forward and Small-x QCD Publication Committee (2013-)

Publications and talks/seminars

619 publications with, on average, 32.07 citations, h-index 60 (source: Web of Science)
More than 40 presentations at international conferences

Board memberships

Antwerp University Research Council (Funding body for research at the University of Antwerp)
FWO WT2 Expert Panel
Belgian CERN fellow selection committee
ex ante evaluator for the Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS - Wallonia, Belgium)
CMS Collaboration Board

Teaching Activities

Bachelor courses on Special Relativity, Subatomic and Particle Physics
Master course on Accelerator Physics
Promotor of 7 current PhD students

Outreach Activities

EOS Start to Know and Scilogs weblogs
Organiser of masterclasses and open courses

Organisation of international conferences

Workshop on Multi-Parton Interactions at the LHC (yearly conference, host of the conference in 2013)
International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (yearly conference, member of the "Board of Elders", host of the conference in 2010)
Low x workshop on deep inelastic scattering (DIS), diffraction, final states and related subjects (yearly workshop, member of the international organising committee, host of the workshop in 2002)
HERA and the LHC: a Workshop on the Implications of HERA on LHC Physics (several sessions from 2004 to 2007, convener of Workgroup 4: Diffraction)
ECFA-CERN Workshop on the LHeC (Divonne, France) (4 sessions from 2008 to 2012, convener of Workgroup: Interaction Region and Forward/Backward Detectors)