Pieter Mampuys


Publicaties in de kijker

Synthesis of functionalized pyrazin-2(1h)-ones via tele-nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen involving grignard reactants and electrophiles
Mampuys Pieter   Moseev Timofey D.   Varaksin Mikhail V.   De Houwer Johan   Vande Velde Christophe   Chupakhin Oleg N.   Charushin Valery N.   Maes Bert  
Organic letters - ISSN 1523-7060-21:8 (2019) p. 2699-2703
Thiosulfonates as emerging reactants : synthesis and applications
Mampuys Pieter   McElroy C. R.   Clark J. H.   Orru R. V. A.   Maes Bert  
Advanced synthesis and catalysis - ISSN 1615-4150-
A bifunctional biased mu opioid agonist-neuropeptide FF receptor antagonist as analgesic with improved acute and chronic side effects
Drieu la Rochelle Armand   Guillemyn Karel   Dumitrascuta Maria   Martin Charlotte   Utard Valérie   Quillet Raphaëlle   Schneider Séverine   Daubeuf François   Willemse Tom   Mampuys Pieter   Maes Bert   Frossard Nelly   Bihel Frédéric   Spetea Mariana   Simonin Frédéric   Ballet Steven  
Pain - ISSN 0304-3959-159:9 (2018) p. 1705-1718
Synthesis of secondary amides from thiocarbamates
Mampuys Pieter   Ruijter Eelco   Orru Romano V.A.   Maes Bert  
Organic letters - ISSN 1523-7060-20:14 (2018) p. 4235-4239
An evaluation of credentials of a multicomponent reaction for the synthesis of isothioureas through the use of the holistic CHEM21 green metrics toolkit
Abou-Shehada S.   Mampuys Pieter   Maes Bert   Clark J.H.   Summerton L.  
Green chemistry : cutting-edge research for a greener sustainable future - ISSN 1463-9262-19:1 (2017) p. 249-258

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