Ramses Snoeckx


Publicaties in de kijker

The quest for value-added products from $CO_{2}$ and $H_{2}$$O$ in a dielectric barrier discharge : a chemical kinetics study
Snoeckx Ramses   Ozkan Alp   Reniers Francois   Bogaerts Annemie  
Chemsuschem - ISSN 1864-5631-10:2 (2017) p. 409-424
Plasma-based liquefaction of methane : the road from hydrogen production to direct methane liquefaction
Snoeckx Ramses   Rabinovich Alexander   Dobrynin Danil   Bogaerts Annemie   Fridman Alexander  
Plasma processes and polymers - ISSN 1612-8850-14:6 (2017)
Plasma technology : a novel solution for $CO_{2}$ conversion?
Snoeckx Ramses   Bogaerts Annemie  
Chemical Society reviews - ISSN 0306-0012-46:19 (2017) p. 5805-5863
$CO_{2}$ conversion in a dielectric barrier discharge plasma : $N_{2}$ in the mix as a helping hand or problematic impurity?
Snoeckx Ramses   Heijkers Stijn   Van Wesenbeeck Karen   Lenaerts Silvia   Bogaerts Annemie  
Energy & environmental science - ISSN 1754-5692-9:3 (2016) p. 999-1011
Plasma-based dry reforming : a computational study ranging from the nanoseconds to seconds time scale
Snoeckx Ramses   Aerts Robby   Tu Xin   Bogaerts Annemie  
The journal of physical chemistry : C : nanomaterials and interfaces - ISSN 1932-7447-117:10 (2013) p. 4957-4970

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