Robin Vandevoordt

Robin Vandevoordt


Sint - Jacobstraat 2 - 4
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre of Research on Ecological and Social Change (CRESC). My main research interests are in the lived experiences of forced migrants, solidarity movements, civil humanitarianism, and critical theory. I am currently conducting ethnographic fieldwork with several initiatives supporting refugees in Belgium. My main focus is on the political potentials and pitfalls of grassroots humanitarian action.  

Before, I explored how Syrian refugees in Belgium navigate their social environments, and how they experience integration policies and social work. As part of my PhD I also explored how journalists, students, policy-makers and activists responded to the Syrian conflict.

I obtained a PhD in Sociology from the University of Antwerp, and an MA in Modern Literature from the University of East Anglia. After obtaining my PhD, I have also worked as an Early Career Fellow at Oxford University's Refugee Studies Centre.

Most of my work can be found on researchgate.

Vandevoordt, R. (2019). Subversive Humanitarianism. Rethinking Refugee Solidarity through Grass-Roots Initiatives. Refugee Survey Quarterly, 38(3), 245-265.

Verschraegen, G. & Vandevoordt, R. (eds.) (2019). The European Refugee Controversy: civil solidarity, cultural imaginaries and political change. Social Inclusion, 7(2), 48-52. 

Vandevoordt, R., & Verschraegen, G. (2019). Citizenship as a gift: how Syrian refugees in Belgium make sense of their social rights. Citizenship Studies, 23(1), 43-60.

Vandevoordt, R. (2017). The Politics of Food and Hospitality: How Syrian Refugees in Belgium Create a Home in Hostile Environments. Journal of Refugee Studies, 30(4), 605-621.



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