Romain Garrigues

Romain Garrigues


Campus Drie Eiken
D.C, D.C.006.2
Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Wilrijk, BEL

Unraveling winter sleep to understand spring reactivation: improved understanding of leaf out phenology in temperate deciduous trees by gaining insight in environmental controls of bud dormancy

This project is combining the expertise of two groups of University of Antwerp:

  • PLant and ECOsystem (PLECO):
  • Integrated Molecular Plant physiology RESearch (IMPRES):

I work on the phenology of buds, and I am trying to understand the answers of trees under different climatic conditions. Moreover, I try to see what are the genes and pathways, by metabolomic and transcriptomic methods,  which can explain the Dormancy of the species of interest (Populus nigra and Fagus sylvatica).

By the combination of those topics, I could predict what can be the future according to the different scenarios of global warming. 


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