Simon Van Mierlo

Postdoctoraal Onderzoeker

Publicaties in de kijker

Extending explicitly modelled simulation debugging environments with dynamic structure
Van Mierlo Simon   Vangheluwe Hans   Breslav Simon   Goldstein Rhys   Khan Azam  
ACM transactions on modeling and computer simulation - ISSN 1049-3301-30:1 (2020) p. 1-25
Introduction to statecharts modeling, simulation, testing, and deployment
Van Mierlo Simon   Vangheluwe Hans  
Proceedings of the ... Winter Simulation Conference-p. 1504-1518
Statecharts : a formalism to model, simulate and synthesize reactive and autonomous timed systems
Van Mierlo Simon   Vangheluwe Hans  
Foundations of multi-paradigm modelling for cyber-physical systems / Carreira, Paulo [edit.]-p. 155-176
A Multi-Paradigm Modelling approach to live modelling
Van Tendeloo Yentl   Van Mierlo Simon   Vangheluwe Hans  
Software and systems modeling - ISSN 1619-1366-18:5 (2019) p. 2821-2842
Efficient Software Controller Variant Development and Validation (ECoVaDeVa) : overview of a Flemish ICON project
Meyers Bart   Van Mierlo Simon   Maes Davy   Vangheluwe Hans  
CEUR workshop proceedings-2405 (2019) p. 49-54

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