My research is focused on three areas: (i) agriculture and food; (ii) energy; and (iii) sustainable production including cleantech.

Examples of papers analyzing the ‘agriculture and food’ socio-technical system:

  • Van Passel, S., Nevens, F., Mathijs, E., Van Huylenbroeck, G. 2007. Measuring farm sustainability and explaining differences in sustainable efficiency, Ecological Economics 62: 149-16 (IF: 1.55)
  • Moretti, M., De Boni, A., Roma, R., Fracchiolla, M., Van Passel, S. 2016. Integrated assessment of agro-ecological systems: The case study of the "Alta Murgia" National park in Italy. Agricultural Systems 144: 144-155 (IF: 2.91)
  • de Mey, Y., Wauters, E., Schmid, D., Lips, M., Vancauteren, M., Van Passel, S. 2016. Farm household risk balancing: empirical evidence from Switzerland. European Review of Agricultural Economics. 43: 637-662 (IF: 1.54)
  • Vanschoenwinkel, J., Mendelsohn, R., Van Passel, S. 2016. Do Western and Eastern Europe have the same Agricultural Climate Response? Taking Adaptive Capacity into account. Global Environmental Change 41: 74-87 (IF: 5.68)

Examples of papers analyzing the ‘energy’ socio-technical system:

  • Maes, D., Van Passel, S. 2012. Interference of regional support policies on the economic and environmental performance of a hybrid cogeneration-solar panel energy system. Energy Policy 42: 670-680 (IF: 2.74)
  • Lizin, S., Van Passel, S., De Schepper, E., Maes, W., Lutsen, L., Manca, J. Vanderzande, D. 2013. Life cycle analyses of organic photovoltaics: a review. Energy & Environmental Science, 2013, 6, 3136-3149 (IF: 15.49)
  • De Schepper, E., Van Passel, S., Lizin, S., Vincent, T., Martin, B., Gandibleux, X. 2016. Economic and environmental multi-objective optimization to evaluate the impact of Belgian policy on solar power and electric vehicles. Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy 5: 1-27
  • Milis, K, Peremans, H. Van Passel, S. 2018. Steering the adoption of battery storage through electricity tariff design. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 89: 125-139 (IF: 9.18)

Examples of papers analyzing the ‘sustainable production & Cleantech’ socio-technical system:

  • Van Passel, S., Dubois, M., Eyckmans, J., de Gheldere, S., Ang, F., Jones, P.T., Van Acker, K. 2013. The economics of enhanced landfill mining: private and societal performance drivers. Journal of Cleaner Production 55: 92-102 (IF: 3.59)
  • Danthurebandara, M., Van Passel, S., Vanderreydt, I., Van Acker, K. 2015. Assessment of environmental and economic feasibility of Enhanced Landfill Mining. Waste Management 45: 434-447 (IF: 3.83)
  • Thomassen, G., Van Dael, M., Van Passel, S. 2018. The potential of microalgae-biorefineries in Belgium and India: an environmental techno-economic assessment. Bioresource Technology 267: 271-280 (IF: 5.81)