Sylvie Remy


Publicaties in de kijker

A strategy to validate a selection of human effect biomarkers using adverse outcome pathways : proof of concept for phthalates and reproductive effects
Baken Kirsten A.   Lambrechts Nathalie   Remy Sylvie   Mustieles Vincente   Rodríguez-Carrillo Andrea   Neophytou Christina M.   Olea Nicolas   Schoeters Greet  
Environmental research - ISSN 0013-9351-175 (2019) p. 235-256
Interaction between prenatal pesticide exposure and a common polymorphism in the PON1 gene on DNA methylation in genes associated with cardio-metabolic disease risk-an exploratory study
Declerck Ken   Remy Sylvie   Wohlfahrt-Veje Christine   Main Katharina M.   Van Camp Guy   Schoeters Greet   Vanden Berghe Wim   Andersen Helle R.  
Clinical epigenetics - ISSN 1868-7083-9 (2017)
Combined effects of prenatal exposures to environmental chemicals on birth weight
Govarts Eva   Remy Sylvie   Bruckers Liesbeth   Den Hond Elly   Loots Ilse   Schoeters Greet   et al.  
International journal of environmental research and public health - ISSN 1661-7827-13:5 (2016) p. 1-19
Phenotypic and biomarker evaluation of zebrafish larvae as an alternative model to predict mammalian hepatotoxicity
Verstraelen Sandra   Peers Bernard   Maho Walid   Hollanders Karen   Remy Sylvie   Berckmans Pascale   Covaci Adrian   Witters Hilda  
Journal of applied toxicology - ISSN 0260-437X-36:9 (2016) p. 1194-1206
Peripheral blood collection : the first step towards gene expression profiling
Franken Carmen   Remy Sylvie   Lambrechts Nathalie   Hollanders Karen   Den Hond Elly   Schoeters Greet  
Biomarkers: biochemical indicators of exposure, response, and susceptibility to chemicals - ISSN 1354-750X-21:5 (2016) p. 458-465

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