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I attained a Master degree in Sociology (cum laude) at the University of Leuven in 2008. After working as a community worker in the city of Antwerp, I started as a research assistant working on topics such as segregation in primary education (SinBa, FWO) and school careers of pupils with an immigrant background in urban secondary schools (Oprit14, IWT). During this period, I co-drafted a research proposal that landed a five year research grant of the EU Seventh Framework Program. Within this EU funded research project on reducing early school leaving in Europe (www.resl-eu.org), I started my PhD that focusses on (Flemish) vocational education and training in relation to prevention, intervention and compensation for early school leaving.

Currently, I'm the principal researcher in an evaluation of the pilot phase of a new policy framework for Dual Learning in Flemish secondary education. This evaluation study uses a mixed methods approach in evaluating the pilot study tracks combining school- and work-based learning.


Professional experience

01/12/2016 - Present

PhD Researcher and Coordinator

Researcher and coordinator in the policy-oriented evaluation study of the pilot phase of the new Flemish policy framework for Dual Learning; funded by the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training 

Dual Learning on Pilot - Evaluation of School Bench on the Workplace

University of Antwerp


01/10/2017 – Present

Academic expert

Providing academic support for the implementation of the new Flemish legislation on Dual Learning in Antwerp, the Brussels Capital Region and Ghent. The support entails an exploratory study, including a desk study and focus group discussions with local stakeholders, as well as a qualitative study that focusses on the experiences of urban youth.

Dual Learning as a Policy Lever for Reducing Youth Unemployment in Large Cities (ESF Project)

University of Antwerp, coordinated by Syntra Vlaanderen


01/02/2013 – 31/01/2018

PhD Researcher

Researcher in EU funded research on Reducing Early School leaving in Europe / PhD research focussing on VET in Flanders / Member of the coordination team / Dissemination of research findings to policy, educational and academic stakeholders.

RESL.eu Project (www.resl-eu.org)

University of Antwerp


01/02/2016 – 31/09/2016

Academic expert

Supporting the development of procedures for the identification of early leavers or learners at risk and evaluation of measures tackling early leaving.

Expert Group on Early Leaving from Education and Training

Cedefop assignment; Coordinated by ICF International


01/02/2016 – Present

Editorial Board Member

As an academic expert, gathering and selecting relevant resources for the Toolkit.

European Toolkit for Schools

European Commission - ET 2020 Working Group on School Policy


24/10/2012 – Present

Active Founding Member

Promoting knowledge transfer among stakeholders in order to improve the education of youngsters from migrant background / currently: research on refugee education.

SIRIUS Policy Network on Migration and Education


01/02/2012 – 31/01/2013


Data collection and analyses / Valorisation and dissemination of research findings.

Bet You! Project: Boosting the Educational Trajectories of Youth in Flanders.


01/02/2010 – 31/01/2012


Data collection and analyses / Valorisation and dissemination of research findings.

SinBa Project: Segregation in Flemish Primary Education

Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies – University of Antwerp

Research Instituted for Work and Society – University of Leuven


01/09/2009 – 31/01/2010

Community Worker

Neighbourhood community development / Staff member drafting the organisation’s vision statement on social activation through voluntary work

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