The origin of the COVID-19 pandemic: Don't blame the bat (or the pangolin)!

Monday 11th of May at 19:30, online only seminar.

The Global Change Ecology Centre and Fabiant present:

An online lecture by Herwig Leirs, professor Biology at the University of Antwerp, and specialized in the ecology of animal-borne infections

The lecture did not show due to a technical error.  We will share the recording later.

The coronavirus that causes this pandemic has its origins in Asian bats, but how did it get into humans? In this lecture about viruses, animals and humans, Herwig Leirs will summarize the current knowledge about how this happened and which conditions may have facilitated this. Was this “zoonotic spillover” (a disease jumping from animals to humans) a one-off event, or can we expect more of this in the future? And can we do something about it?

The lecture can be viewed here.