Closing session of the Global Minds Palestine Lecture Series 'Decolonising Palestine: Conversations after the Unity Intifada'

Lecture & Exhibition organised by the UAntwerp Palestine Solidarity Collective​

In this closing event of the Palestine Lecture Caravan, we link the ongoing colonization of Palestine with past and present European colonization. The organizers argue that the wealth and wellbeing which we comfortably  lay upon are  directly related to a violent past and present of (neo)colonial practices. This event suggests that to decolonize our minds, bodies and institutions in Belgium, we need to first examine how European colonialism continues to impact our everyday lives: from Congo to South Africa, from Belgium to occupied Palestine.  This interactive event with speakers, art installations and interventions will center its focus around three major themes: (1) the role Belgian institutions of knowledge and culture can play in perpetuating colonial logic; (2) how bodies and minds are affected and controlled under apartheid, and; (3) unpack how international solidarity and calls for ‘decolonization’ are either adopted, hollowed-out, or resisted in European and Belgian institutions. The evening engages with colonialism and domination not as historical moments that happened in faraway places and times, but rather as ongoing European and Belgian structures of settler colonialism across place, space, and time.

Get ready to feel uncomfortable in this event as we navigate the realities we sometimes have the luxury to ignore.

This lecture is part of the Palestine Lecture Caravan, organised within the framework of VLIR-UOS Global Minds.